The Messengers


The Gospel Gang

~~The GOSPEL GANG is an ecumenical, contemporary Christian/gospel choir sponsored by the United Methodist Church of Lenox, Lenox, MA. The group is comprised of 30+ singers and a full instrumental band. They bring an assortment of contemporary Christian music styles, including Southern Gospel, country, blues and Northern Gospel along with their message of good news. The MESSENGERS is a men's gospel ensemble, often singing accapella in a modem musical idiom, using multiple part harmonies, present-day rhythms, and sometimes including instrumental arrangements. Both groups have similar mission in bringing the good news of the gospel to people in a musical language that is hopeful, joyful and fun! They are both sponsored by the United Methodist Church of Lenox, Lenox, as part of the musical outreach program to other area local churches. In a time when many churches and local agencies are facing struggles with declining revenue, compromised infrastructure, challenges of an ever distracting contemporary lifestyle, the UMCL hopes to support other local churches and community agencies in their efforts with these struggles in a positive, exciting and musical way.